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Macro Express 5.3

Macro Express can increase your efficiency by allowing you to create macros

Macro Express can increase your efficiency and save your time by allowing you to create macros. Macros are small pieces of code that define rules or patterns. Thus, by writing macros, you can avoid taking a series of steps; instead, a single instruction can do the whole process.

Macro Express is definitely not intended for totally inexpert users; yet, creating macros is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, the program contains multiple wizards to create a varied set of macros, whose purposes include inputting text, starting downloads, setting reminders, sending mail, opening a web page, playing a video clip and connecting to a network. However, these are just examples of their uses, because the program lets you create macros for almost every computer task. Another easy way to create new macros is to recorder them. Just give the new macro a name and assign a way to start it, including short keys, hot keys, a pop menu or a schedule, then, start recording and the program will turn all your actions into a code.

Expert users can benefit from complex macros by using the Scripting Editor or the Direct Editor. This way, besides standard actions, you can also use conditions to create branching code.

In general, Macro Express is an excellent automation tool that comprises a very wide range of tasks. It will probably require certain amount of practice and study before you can take full advantage of it, but, luckily, it is accompanied by detailed documentation, including a tutorial.

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  • It supports automating an extensive range of actions
  • It allows recording macros
  • It includes wizards
  • It allows creating complex macros
  • It includes excellent documentation


  • It can be difficult to use at first
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